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All photos are work from Ralph Cachua that he created out of his mind and with his hands

Colonies in turbid water may attain great sizes. They are composed of thick upright or prostrate branches covered with short, stubby sub-branches. Main branches may be highly fused in some geographic regions. Horizontal branches may have no branchlets on the undersurface. Axial corallites are small. Radial corallites are either immersed or uniformly tubular over the whole colony.

Colour: Usually browns, occasionally bright green. The dominant colour varies geographically.

Habitat: Shallow reef environments.

Abundance: Common.

Similar species: Acropora lovelli , Acropora sarmentosa , Acropora wallaceae


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Staghorn #01100 Acropora florida) 4.75 W x 15.50 H

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